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M A I N   M E N U

The Science Behind Managing Natural Resources in the Owens Valley

Lower Owens River Daily Reports

Eastern Sierra Current Precipitation Conditions
LADWP Graphs of Current Precipitation Conditions in the Eastern Sierra Mountains.

Realtime Data
Los Angeles Aqueduct System real-time hydrographic data, updated hourly from remote data acquisition sites located from Mono Basin to the City of Los Angeles. You will need Netscape or Internet Explorer 4.0+ to view the data.

Los Angeles Aqueduct Northern District Daily Report
A Daily snap
shot as of 7 a.m. of the LA Aqueduct System including flows, temperatures, reservoir elevations and other data.

Eastern Sierra snowpack information including snow pillow data, snow survey results, an explanation of snow surveys, and links to other snow sites.

California Department of Water Resources Precipitation Link
See the State of California Department of Water Resources snow water content graphs for Mono Lake and the Owens Valley. Please review more information from the State of California at the following links:

An overview of weather sites located throughout the Eastern Sierra, including links to other weather sites.

Current Snow Survey Results
Snow water content conditions at 12 LADWP snow courses as measured by LADWP hydrographers.

Recreational opportunities throughout the Eastern Sierra.

History & Facts
A look back in time at the Los Angeles Aqueduct including photos and interesting facts.

Watershed Management
LADWP owns over 314,000 acres of mostly undeveloped watershed lands in the Eastern Sierra. Discover our watershed management approaches and projects that are designed to enhance river ecosystems and protect all watershed resources.

Environmental Projects
Find out why the Department of Water and Power is a leader in enhancement and restoration projects.

The Lower Owens River Project Newsletter
Learn about the project to restore the Lower Owens River, and see a map of the project.  The LORP has been called one of the most unique restoration projects in the United States.

The Lower Owens River Project Draft Environmental Impact Report
The LORP consists of rewatering the Lower Owens River below the Los Angeles Aqueduct Intake, maintenance of off-river lakes and ponds and a pumpback station above Owens Lake to benefit the Owens Valley environment. The LORP DEIR was released on November 1, 2002.

Drought Recovery Policy Evaluation Report
Read the DRP Evaluation Report Executive Summary and review the Report Table of Contents. Links to downloads of the entire Report in PDF format.