Sharing the Vision

Near the end of his life Mulholland wrote: “Los Angeles was a place after my own heart…The people were hospitable…The country had the same attraction for me that it had for the Indians who originally chose this spot as their place to live…It was so attractive to me that it at once became something about which my whole scheme of life was woven.  I loved it so much.”

In the years since Mulholland realized his dream of the Los Angeles Aqueduct, millions have come to Los Angeles.  They have shared his vision of the City as an ideal home.  But the water has made it possible for them to stay, to flourish, and to continue to dream of the greatness of the future.

Even though the City’s growth rate has finally slowed, its water and power needs are more critical and complex than ever before.  Today the people of the Department of Water and Power continue to serve the City in Mulholland’s tradition, meeting the challenges and always searching for the best solutions to the problems of supply, demand, and quality.

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